Monday, July 21, 2008

Title of Show Breaks Boundaries and Ushers in a New Era of The Broadway Musical

I got the chance to see the new Broadway musical Title of Show last night. I had been hearing things about the show since it's first inception at NYMF a few years ago. It was not what I thought it would be, at all. The musical, now playing at the Lyceum theater, is about two guys writing a musical, about two guys writing a musical. It is chock full of musical theater references, gay jokes, and light upbeat songs. What was so captivating was how un-broadway Title was. It played, after NYMF, at The Vineyard Theater, where Avenue Q was born, and thrives in the same nature as Q. It is a show that celebrates the fact that anything good and beautiful can go to The Great White Way, its doesn't have to be a Disney spectacle, in fact it shouldn't be a Disney spectacle. I am excited to see where the show goes, and where the broadway musical will go after the statement that is Title of Show.

Couture Week Arouses and Challenges Pret-a-Porter

So Couture Week in Paris has been over for a few weeks now, designers have moved onto their ready-to-wear collections, but I keep going back to the fine line between Pret-a-Porter (or ready-to-wear) and Haute Couture. The nature of Pret-a-Porter is one of mass-production, for all. But with the economy the way it is, designers, for the last few seasons have been creating with exclusivity and uniqueness in mind. I think that if people are going to spend quadruple digits they want something unbelievably exquisite. Now the couture shows were, as always, about the one-of-a-kind artisanship, but I kept seeing things that could have been in any Pret-a-Porter, especially in Givenchy (pictured above) and Armani. Tisci, in my eyes, started off amazingly at the iconic french house, I loved his gradient leopard last Couture season, and the use of studs in S/S 07, but I saw this collection as lazy and bland at best. Mr. Armani, who was recently celebrated at the FIT Couture Society Gala, has been less than stellar since 1997, not one of my favs, so this collection was hardly surprising. All that being said, there were some incredible collections. Lacroix was spectacular, as was Lagerfeld's work at Chanel. It was not an incredibly ground-breaking season, but the craftsmanship and eye for detail we trust was evident and thriving in The City of Lights this past month.