Thursday, January 17, 2008

Top 5 Finds: Marc Jacobs

Although his behavior has been less than ideal, Marc by Marc Jacobs stores offer a wide array of cute and unbelievabley affordable accessories. So we created a list of 5 mens and 5 womens items that are a must have. All products are available only at Marc by Marc Jacobs (385 Bleeker Street at Perry Street). You can also take a look at the products on the website under special items, but they are not avalable for purchase,

1) The Simple Canvas Tote- A Marc by Marc Jacobs Tote in colors ranging from Navy to Green. It is perfect for books, shopping, or work, $15.
2) The Rain Boot- This rubber book comes in color combos like black/blue and brown/chesnut. It has a small detail buckle with the Marc Jacobs logo, $28.
3) The Classic Quilted Tote- In the traditional Marc quilt in PVC it is available in a smaller and larger size and in colors like black, silver, and gold. The bag is perfect for work and city life, $58 and $68.
4) The Bandana- This is probably the newest item on the list and when I saw it i snatched it up in two seconds. They have 6 different styles in blues, purples, and reds, with themes from nautical to rodeo to western, $8.
5) The wallet- Everyone i know has one and they are the perfect, not too logotastic but still fab. The have a couple of different styles from french to a longer one and the come in matte leather or pvc like the above tote. $13 to $44.

1) The Stiky Rat Polo- Marc's tradtional polo with the adorable rat logo (yes i called a rat adorable). The colors are what make it though, it is available in amazing hues from green to grey to navy, $35.
2) The Backpack- Its perfect for the schoolyard or on the back of a bicyclist. It is a nylon backpack in great color combos, mine is orange and blue, $26.
3) The Graffic Tee- In the past year the options have grown vastly. They have tees with locations of Marc stores, in funky graffics like London taxis for the London store, $35.
4) The Boxer- Every season there are different prints, presently it is in camo in 100% cotton, $20.
5) the Jacobs Jean: Under the label Jacobs by Marc Jacobs, Marc has created a great skinny unwashed dark denim pant featuring MJ studs on the back pocket, $78.

Check out these great deals out to live that fab life we know you lead!

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