Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Great Shows Roll on NY's Runways

Some great things were shown last week and we'd like to recap some of our favorites. I guess I'll start at the end, Marc Jacobs. If there was one big surprise this season it was at the NY Armory, where Marc shows every season. First was the set, it was no runway, more of a rock concert stage. An rightfully so, the iconic band Sonic Youth took to the stage while the collection was shown around them. The next surprise: the collection. It was so muted in color and cuts compared to previous seaons. Its simplicity was at first hard to get used to but then the beauty of each peice and the ssuperb craftsmenship will won out.
I liked the Marc by Marc collection even more however. It was very punk rock meets club kids meets Misshapes. Maybe it is the youth that I am which drew me to it but all I can say is I can not wait to buy everything from that collection.But I could talk all day about Marc Jacobs.
Now Proenza also made a brave move, their collection was beautifully classic but still had their signature cool kid vibe. I loved their Balenciaga Bows on the neckline and their dress looks were stunning. Interstingly i did see some Valentino inspirations, whether that was pressured from the Valentino Group, who is now their backer, or its simple artistic inspiration is anyones guess.
Diane Von Furstenberg had another great show. It was different for her, very structured and masculine. In the same fashion Carolina Herrera shoed a knockout collection.
All in all it was an eye opening week. I think New York didnt establish new trends or styles but built on what has been going on both in fashion and the world we live in.

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