Thursday, May 29, 2008

Resort! Resort! Resort!: Bottega Veneta

In a word, Thomas Maier's Resort collection for Bottega Veneta was easy. Easy to wear, easy to see women wearing, and easy for the eyes. Maier created a collection using, surprisingly, bold colors. He made an excellent statement on the menswear-as-women's wear topic. His use of color blocking, like the dress shown above, was a brave step away from his previously subtle collection. The thing that struck me about these clothes was wearability of them. The model, Chanel Iman, looked comfortably yet still strong and fashionable. I could see these clothes on a women in her 20s or her 60s. It was all about the slouchy suit and the loose-fitting dresses. Thomas Maier has turned, what was once an uptight and dated brand, into an unrestrained, effortless, facile, yet incredibly luxurious icon of style.

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