Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dooney and Barf Beats Icon of Luxury Louis Vuitton

A court in Manhattan ruled in favor of the mediocre semi-luxury brand Dooney and Bourke, in the four-year trademark dispute with Louis Vuitton. The"It Bag" by Bourke was in the words of Judge Sheindlin, does not infringe on Vuitton's Monograme Multicolore handbag collection. Although LVMH, the luxury conglomerate that owns Vuitton,  is right in trying to protect their  designs, I think the french company has taken these infringement cases way too far. The bags Dooney and Bourke are hideous and unsightly, but they are an established business that is not taking costumers away from Vuitton, it is an obvious fact, suburban pre-teens cannot afford real Vuitton. If anything Bourke is taking costumers away from illegally smuggled  counterfeit handbags.

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