Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tory Burch, Great Job Doing Nothing

Monday night was the CFDA Awards in Manhattan and for the most part everything was fair and somewhat predictable. Franco Costa won Women's Wear Designer of the Year, for his work at Calvin Klein, and new-comers at Rodarte and Opening Ceremony won The Swarovski Awards for emerging talent in their fields. The one award I couldn't wrap my head around was the recipient on the Accessory Designer of the Year, Tory Burch. I mean, sure, she makes the perfect flat for the JAPy girl in all of us, her riding boots are one of the only acceptable replacement for the Hermes boots, and her bags look just right on the pretentious Palm Beach old women, but really Designer of the Year? All she did was slap a gold "T" medallion on her ordinary accessories and make them the uniform of New Yorker wannabes and the fashionista off-spring who haven't yet convinced daddy to buy Lanvin or Louboutin. I just feel like there are so many other, more deserving, designers that should've received this honor. I mean, she doesn't even need the award, she will get enough money from her upcoming divorce from the venture capitalist who funded the launch of the company. I'm just saying, there were better choices.

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