Thursday, December 18, 2008

Economy: How dare you rain on my Fashion Week

You can fuck with my theater, but when an economy in the crapper starts to meddle with Fashion Week, that's when shit goes down. Vera Wang and Betsey Johnson both officially announced to WWD that they will no longer be showing in the Tents. Instead they will opt for more intimate (and cheap) venues to showcase their latest wears. Wang will show in her new SoHo store on Mercer. Also Bill Blass is finally closing for good. We were all knew this would happen after the year they had. Peter Som came in for one season, and despite critical acclaim, stores refused to buy the collection due to the company's instability. The company couldn't find a backer for a while. All that considered its a shame, such an iconic and definitively American label will close its showroom doors forever. Things are bad, but what can we do?

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