Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rough Times Echo on Broadway

It is incredibly hard for me to write this post tonight, as each show announced it would close I thought "OK its just one show", and writing about the troubled box offices would make it real. But it is real, we're in real trouble. The list of closing shows is as long as those that will remain after the holidays. Its not just the lousy shows like 13 too, the beautifully artistic and critically lauded musical Spring Awakening and the blockbusters Spamalot and Young Frankenstein(though I'm not quite crying about those). Although I truly believe Broadway will never die, I feel like after all this is over we'll have Disney's... and that's about it. Where is the art? Where are people like Stephen Sondheim? The answer is they're either Off-Broadway of out of town. Sonheim's Road Show is currently playing at The Public and more and more writers are performing their work in cities like D.C. and Philly. Its just a shame that high rent and tasteless tourists have finally made the move to ruin our city. And I'll be damned if I spend one cent on that bullshit mega-conglomerates whip up in their L.A. offices. I'll be seeing my annual holiday show at The Public and leaving those theaters in the dust.

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