Thursday, December 18, 2008

Slimane's Rock Royalty Prada Ads... Metaphor? Statement? Subtext?

Former Dior Homme designer and photographer Hedi Slimane's new pics for Prada's Spring 2009 Menswear line hit the internet waves and it looks like everyone's talking. The images don't feature models (don't worry they're still stunningly waif-like), they feature the sons Paul and Tricia Simonon in black and white.
The campaign has sparked discussions on WWD and New York Magazine as well as the infinite fashion blogs. Is this campaign more saying more than just "Buy Prada!" or are we simply over analyzing the only enticing and uplifting fashion story in the past weeks?
Miuccia Prada has not issued an official statement but it cannot be denied that these photos are chock full of subtext. It seems to be a message to the whole fashion community to look outside the borders. there's an entire world of "normal people" and the current self-exclusivity may be the reason everything is so damn shitty. Open your eyes people.

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